Susanne Rotter

Prof. Dr. Vera Susanne Rotter, has a master of science in Environmental Engineering.  She worked as an assistant professor at the University of Technology Dresden (Germany). 

In her doctoral thesis she investigated the presence of heavy metals in domestic solid waste and their distribution during mechanical processing.  After working for the German Technical Control Board (TÜV) in Hannover (Germany) in the field of process control in nuclear power plants and radio­active waste treatment she became, in 2003, junior professor for Waste Management at Berlin Technical University. 

In 2009 she was visiting professor at UNESCO-IHE Institute for water education, Delft, the Netherlands.  In 2010, she got appointed as a full professor at the TU Berlin.  Her main fields of research are recycling and material recovery from waste, waste-to-energy technologies, material flow analysis of complex waste treatment systems.