Through the Information Network we will communicate between the Project Consortium and a wide range of target stakeholders who we anticipate will benefit from the intelligence and data which the project provides.

The purpose of the Information Network is to:

- Enhance awareness and visibility of matters connected to the European Raw Materials policy, the European Raw Materials Initiative, the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials, and the new European Institute of Innovation on Raw Materials, related to secondary raw materials.

- Enable coordination and collaborative work by allowing actors in the value chain to work together to identify opportunities to enhance data gathering which meets their needs, uses harmonised methodologies and is presented in consistent interoperable formats.

- Raise awareness by collating best available data on materials arising in the EU, including their stocks and flows, and producing additional data on product and waste composition.

- Assist in the development of the EU-Urban Mine Knowledge Data Platform.

- Allow for better presentation and harmonisation of data as well as improved coverage and accessibility of data for the future for a wide range of possible end users.

- Support policy dialogue through the provision of state-of-the-art data on CRM arisings in the target products and their waste streams and mining wastes, which for the first time will be networked, interoperable and harmonised with primary raw materials thus supporting the EU Raw Materials Knowledge Base objective of the EIP on Raw Materials.

- Support the identification of further research opportunities.